Planning for looked after children

Care Plans

Every child and young person who is looked after will have a Care Plan which sets out what services and other help will be provided to them and their family. The Care Plan will say what the council and other agencies will do to meet the child’s needs including health, education, identity, family relationships and hobbies and sets out the plan for the child's future. It will describe the child’s contact arrangements with family and friends and, where appropriate, how parents or guardians will help to look after the child.

The Care Plan (and Placement Agreement) should be written either before the child becomes looked after or within ten days if the placement is an emergency. The child, their parents or guardians and anyone caring for the child will be consulted in the writing of the Care Plan and receive a copy. Care Plans should be clear and easy to understand. The social worker should make sure that everyone knows what it means for the child and their family

When a young person is 16 or over their plan will be called a Pathway Plan. This is like a care plan but also looks at what support the young person needs and wants to help them on their journey to being a young adult. Care leavers who are 18 and over will also have a Pathway Plan agreeing what how they will continue to be supported by the council.