Whether you’ve already become part of our fostering community or are thinking of joining us as an approved Foster Carer, we want to tell you about our amazing post approval support offer.

Sometimes, we all need a change. Whatever the reason, as a Foster Carer you have the right to transfer to us.

Transferring to a Local Authority like us could be right for you if:

  • You are an approved Foster Carer
  • You are already registered with a fostering agency or another Local Authority provider.
  • You have read our website content and like our offer.

We offer a fast-track process to help you transfer to Cambridgeshire or Peterborough which we will complete within 12 weeks. Carers transferring to us are offered a condensed bespoke training package, competitive allowances, and we will guide you through the entire transfer process. Please submit an enquiry and we will arrange to come and visit you. 


Foster carer support groups

Foster Carer support groups are a well-established and well attended opportunity for peer support, and additional learning. By attending support groups, Foster Carers get the opportunity to talk with other carers who have the same understanding of the complexity and challenges that fostering brings. There are also opportunities to share positive experiences and above all, the difference that fostering makes to children and young people’s lives.

As an approved Foster Carer, you should receive an invitation to attend your local support group. 

Training once you are approved

When you transfer to us the Fostering Service encourages and supports all Foster Carers to proactively take up training opportunities. Our training provides Foster Carers with the required skills and knowledge necessary to fully support the children and young people in their care.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough’s local authorities are fully committed to equal opportunities and work to ensure that no one is treated unfairly.

A comprehensive programme of training is available to our Foster Carers which is reviewed and refreshed regularly. Here are some comments from Foster Carers who have attended our courses.

Because we are a local authority fostering service unlike independent fostering agencies, we have free access to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough safeguarding partnership. We also benefit from having close links with LADO, Virtual Schools, Youth offending services, Participation service as well as the children’s care teams, so that they have input into our training courses.

Meet our fabulous training team

Our training team consists of experienced and skilled social workers and trainers who bring a diverse range of knowledge and experience. We aim to provide Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Foster Carers with lots of interesting and thought provoking training, as well as the core training for Foster Carers. We also design and deliver training ourselves which means we can adapt training to meet the needs of our carers, and we also commission training from experts in their fields. This combination means we can provide a broad range of training which we hope will be of interest to you. 

I thought the trainer was very engaging and informative. The session was full of information so relevant to fostering and really did improve my understanding of trauma on children. – Adverse Childhood Experiences, Tony Roberts

As new foster carers who have not yet had a placement we found the whole to be a very good insight into moving children to adoption. How in-depth the process is and all of the planning and preparation needed – Moving Children onto Adoption and Permanence

I enjoyed going into the breakout rooms to chat and I thought the information on delegated authority was really useful – Safer Caring

The terminology was very helpful sometimes things are being said in such a way that you are not always quite sure of what has been spoken about this course covered a lot and the terminology made me understand it all – Child Criminal Exploitation

Every element has useful information from covering the physical and emotional changes that happen at puberty, to building our confidence and skill level in educating children about sex and growing up in our care - Speakeasy