Integrated Front Door (MASH and Early Help)

Information for parents and families can be found on our accessing support  or child protection pages. This page is aimed at professionals and agencies, although parents and families may find this detailed information useful. 

The Integrated Front Door

The Integrated Front Door is the term used to cover the services that work across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to manage the referrals received in respect of children and young people. It includes the MASH, the Emergency Duty Teams (Adults and Children) and the Missing Exploited and Trafficked Hub and the Early Help Hub.   

Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre is the point of contact for all safeguarding concerns regarding children and young people. It enables contacts to be filtered to the relevant service quickly and efficiently through the use of a Pathway document to ensure that children, young people and families receive the right level of intervention in a timely manner.

Early Help Hub

The Early Help Hub is a point of contact where access to targeted early help services in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is coordinated. The Early Help Hub receives contacts that do not meet threshold for a statutory service but requires multi agency support through Early Help Services to best support a family’s needs.   

Before starting an Early Help Assessment (EHA) in Cambridgeshire, the assessor should contact the Early Help Hub to check if an EHA already exists. Please also see guidance documents below before making or submitting an EHA application.

The Early Help Assessment is used for all early help requests where a multi-agency approach is required and will result in one of the following:

Early Help in Cambridgeshire-041018
Leaflet for parents / carers on Early Help in Cambridgeshire.
Size: 3.56MBFile format: pdf
Completing the EHA - 20.11.18
Guidance on completing and submitting the form
Size: 560KBFile format: pdf
What to include in your EHA 20.11.18
Guidance on writing the Early Help Assessment form and what to include in different circumstances
Size: 85KBFile format: pdf
Early Help Partnership Governance Board
The Early Help Partnership Governance Board is responsible for providing leadership, direction and governance for the integration of public and voluntary/community sector services in Cambridgeshire for children, young people and families.
Size: 362KBFile format: pdf
Early Help information for professionals - 20112018
Slide presentation on Early Help process and resource
Size: 301KBFile format: pdf
Early Help Assessment Form - 181217
Size: 27KBFile format: word

Some further assessment and screening tools you might find useful

Safe Lives risk indicator checklist (RIC) - To be used to assist in measuring risk of domestic violence victims aged 16+, who have disclosed current abuse to a professional. This tool is effective in very high risk cases, for referrals to Marac and other appropriate domestic violence support services.
crafft_screening_tool - 181217
CASUS - Cambridgeshire child and Adolescent Substance Use Service
Size: 1.38MBFile format: pdf
Drug_and_Alcohol_Screening_Tool - 181217
Size: 64KBFile format: word