Liquidlogic System - Early Help Module for Partners

Before starting an Early Help Assessment (EHA) with a family, please first check to see whether it is appropriate to do so, with the relevant team below.

Professional Referral changes due to Covid-19 outbreak - please read this before making any professional referrals or reading the pages in this section.

Early Help Module

Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council have a joint helpdesk to support external partners access the Early Help Module (EHM).

All external partners must use this portal to raise any questions with the local authority about gaining access, or using the live system once access has been granted.

When you are in Firmstep, select “log an issue” and then select the appropriate question that suits what your issue is or select “other”. If the query is practice related select “ask a question” and then select the appropriate question. Please refer to the help guides below that give some examples. Do not contact our internal IT helpdesk as they will not be able to support your query.

Firmstep is the product we have built our EHM External Partner Helpdesk process in. It is a forms package that allows for workflow to be enabled so we can send emails, assign information to different colleagues within the Local Authority depending on the type of request.

For example, the request types of "Ask a question" will initially be reviewed by staff within the Early Help Service for each Local Authority.

Requests that are "Log an issue" will usually require a technical action to be undertaken and these will be assigned to helpdesk staff who will be working across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Local Authorities.

Professionals are advised not to delay starting an Early Help Assessment with a family whilst they await training, and should speak to a member of the Early Help Hub for advice on how to proceed.

Further information can be found on the Early-help assessments page in the section ‘Unable to access LiquidLogic’.

First time access

Access to the EHM will only be granted once steps 1 to 3 below have been completed.

  1. Register for a Firmstep account (Please note it will always default to Cambridgeshire County Council’s website, so don’t be alarmed if you clicked on a link from a Peterborough webpage).
  2. Complete the request 'new EHM user' which will require information about you, your role and your line manager (who will need to authorise that you do require access). Your line manager will also need to register to be able to authorise your request. Please ensure that you put the correct email address for your line manager. You cannot authorise your own application, unless you are a senior person in your organisation.
  3. Once you have submitted the 'new user' form, the Early Help Service will review your application and approve so that the helpdesk staff can set up your access and provide login details. You will also receive an email requesting that you complete the eLearning. (The email will include a link and password). The eLearning sits outside of this workflow, so completing the eLearning still requires the service to review before access will be given.

Detailed guidance notes for helpdesk access, and tasks

EHM Quick Ref - Initiating Episode and Completing Assessments81KBpdf
Size: 81KBFile format: pdf
New User Change User Notify Leaver Guidance229KBpdf
Size: 229KBFile format: pdf
Log an Issue - Guidance123KBpdf
Size: 123KBFile format: pdf
Ask a Question - Guidance-V1602KBpdf
Size: 602KBFile format: pdf

Accessing the Early Help Module

Once you registered within the Helpdesk portal, and you have submitted your new user request and completed the required eLearning, you will be issued with login details for the live system. Click on one of the options below to access the relevant Local Authorities EHM System.