Climate Change Action

We have set out our ambitions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in our Climate Change and Environment Strategy. The accompanying Action Plans shares how we will work towards this ambition. 

Action on Climate Change concentrates on two themes: Mitigation and Adaptation.   

Mitigation is where action are taken to reduce or prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. This can be achieved through variety of ways, including: using new technologies and renewable energies; making older equipment more energy efficient; and reducing energy use and wastage.

Reducing the amount and speed at which greenhouses gases are emitted means we can limit the scale and rate that warming happens.

For information on some of our key mitigation projects, read about our Mobilising Local Energy Investment team below. 

Adaptation is the process of adjusting to Climate Change and its effects, and to seek to moderate harm or exploit any beneficial opportunities of Climate Change.

While we must work to reduce climate change, the carbon we have already put into the atmosphere will have an effect for a long time into the future. This means we must adapt to the changes this causes.

"Resilience" is central to our adaptation response. It describes our ability to cope and bounce-back from a damaging event, such as a flood.

Our work to reduce carbon and improve resilience is wide reaching, with a range of significant projects underway. Find out more below.