Library meeting room hire terms and conditions

Definition of categories for room hire charges (all libraries apart from Milton Road)

  • Commercial rates apply to businesses, and individuals who require a room for commercial purposes.
  • Our partner rate includes district and city councils, and organisations which help us to deliver services or support.
  • There is a community use rate for community groups, charities, non-profit organisations, and individuals using rooms for personal reasons.

General terms and conditions for all libraries

1. The following cancellation charges apply:

  • More than 21 days notice = 0% charge of the total charge
  • 14 to 21 days (inclusive) notice = 25% charge of the total charge
  • 7 to 13 days (inclusive) notice = 50% charge of the total charge
  • 6 days or less notice = 100% charge of the total charge

2. In the event of the hire charges being increased, the rate to an individual or organisation will remain as confirmed in writing at the time the booking was made.

3. There may be a surcharge for payment by invoices with a value of less than £50.

4. Please include sufficient time in your booking for setting up and clearing the room (setting up and returning furniture to its original location, A/V equipment, cleaning and returning crockery, cutlery etc).

5. The hirer of the premises, grounds or equipment will be held responsible for any damage to the premises, grounds or equipment or contents of the same, caused during the term of the hire, and will be responsible for the cost of repair and replacement of the damaged property.

6. If any additional expense is incurred in the removal or replacement of furniture or any exceptional cleaning becomes necessary, in consequence of the hire of the premises, the persons hiring the building will be notified and will be responsible for any such expense.

7. We accept no responsibility for indirect or consequential loss should a booking be altered or cancelled.

8. Cambridgeshire County Council does not seek to absolve itself nor any of its employees from liability as owners/occupiers of the premises.

9. Hirers must not use the venue for illegal purposes. The purpose of each application for hire will be checked and any concerns over the nature of the letting or gathering will be reported to the Library Service Manager.

10. We reserve the right to cancel any booking which is in breach of our Terms and Conditions.

11. The hirer is responsible for completing a risk assessment and must be sufficiently familiar with the fire and evacuation procedure before a meeting or event may commence. Particular attention is drawn to the observation of the fire and safety regulations displayed in the library. The hirer is responsible for complying with CO2 monitor guidance.

12. Alcohol may not be served on the premises and the relevant licence must be obtained by the hirer for any licensable event or activity.

13. A no smoking policy applies throughout the buildings and grounds.

14. Private parties are not permitted.

15. To ensure the safety of electrical equipment, it is the responsibility of the hirer to perform a user check on any equipment brought onto the premises, e.g. a laptop.

16. Public liability insurance is a requirement for all bookings with an indemnity level of £5 million. Commercial users and hirers must have their own Public Liability insurance and will need to provide a copy of the certificate. Non-commercial and non-profit making groups can sign up for the Cambridgeshire County Council public liability scheme if they do not have suitable cover. The cost to the hirer will be 7% of the total hire charge. Please allow a few minutes before the start of your booking to make arrangements.

17. Hirers agree to abide by the councils acceptable use policy (AUP) for accessing the Internet (where available).

18. Bookings cannot be accepted more than 12 months in advance.

19. There is no expectation of silence during library hours. However, noisy activities, e.g. band practice, will not be appropriate to avoid disturbing library users and library neighbours. 

Out of hours hire

20. The hirer may need to provide a refundable key security deposit of £20 and keys must be collected during the Library's scheduled opening hours in advance of your booking. The hirer must notify the Library at once if the keys are lost. The key security deposit will be retained if the keys are lost by the hirer. The hirer will be responsible for the costs incurred if it is necessary to change the locks as a result of loss.

22. Proof of address may be required from the hirer when booking. Acceptable documentation for proof of address includes:

  • Cambridgeshire library card & pin
  • bank, building society or credit union statement
  • current driving license
  • utility bill/utility statement
  • certificate/letter from a supplier of utilities
  • local authority tax bill/council tax bill for current year

22. A surcharge will apply for staffed out of hours hire.

  • Weekdays: £15 per hour
  • Saturdays: £22 per hour
  • Sundays: £26 per hour

23. Staff may be present during out of hours hire, to perform backroom tasks. Please inform us if this will affect your booking.

Terms and conditions for Milton Road Library

Noise levels are not permitted to be greater than 95dB. Therefore amplified sound is prohibited in any activity performed and or actioned through the Library space and/or rooms within, allowing compliance with BS8233:2014.

Definition of hire charge categories for Milton Road Library

  • The community rate is for local non-profit groups, individuals, charities and non-profit classes.
  • The commercial rate is for limited/plc registered companies, commercial/national charities and for chargeable events where the organisation/individual will profit from the booking.
  • The partner rate is partner and stakeholder organisations for example NHS, Police, Fire, Cambridgeshire County Council, City and District Councils and most voluntary sector/charitable organisations.