Who is responsible for grass cutting in my area?

The majority of the grass cutting across Cambridgeshire is carried out by one of our sub-contractors. However, formal agreements are in place with some Parish Councils who carry out the grass cutting in their villages on our behalf.

If you have a query about grass cutting in your village or neighbourhood we would advise you to check these lists to ensure you are contacting the correct organisation.

Villages cut by Cambridgeshire County Council

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Villages cut by parish councils

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When do we cut the grass?

During the summer months, usually between April and October, we have a grass cutting programme to maintain the grass verges along the majority of Cambridgeshire’s roads. This is county wide and based on average grass growth. Please see the map below for our verge cutting and village grass cutting routes.

Within urban areas and villages, we cut the grass three times a year. Our first cut for 2018 started in April. You can find details of which villages we cut and the day the cut will happen below

Village grass cutting first cut - updated

25 May 2018

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On principle roads and road verges between villages, a grass cut is done twice a year.

Verge cutting - County reference plan

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Verge grass cutting first cut - updated

25 May 2018

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How can I report an issue about grass?

If you notice a verge where the length of grass is causing a safety issue you can report it to us via our online reporting tool.

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