Railway between March and Wisbech

Railway between March and Wisbech

This page provides background information and copies of the study work that have been carried out into the reconnection of Wisbech to the rail network.

Governance for Railway Investment Projects (GRIP) is Network Rail's management and control process for delivering projects on the railway and has eight stages. We have listed the studies with most recent first. 

The current stage of work is being led by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

Grip 3B Study - options selection study and business case development - current stage

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority is funding and sponsoring a study into the March - Wisbech Transport Corridor. This is a major new study to develop a business case and single option design for reinstating rail services between March and Wisbech, which should consider onward connections and connectivity to Cambridge and Peterborough.

More information on the current stage of work can be found on the Combined Authority's website.

Grip 2 Study - feasibility study and outline business case - completed

In July 2015, we published an outline business case and feasibility study. This study looks at potential scheme costs in some detail. 

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Appendices for the GRIP 2 feasibility study

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Wisbech Rail three stage study

  • Stage 1 investigated the potential patronage and revenue generated by rail services between March and Wisbech.
  • Stage 2 considered the capital costs of reinstating the line and providing new stations and an outline assessment of the key benefits.
  • Stage 3 looked into the wider economic benefits that a station would bring to Wisbech and the surrounding area.
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Stage_2_March_to_Wisbech_Rail (1)1.34MBpdf
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ATOC study

Before the Wisbech Rail 3 stage study was carried out, the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) published the report titled ‘Connecting Communities: Expanding Access to the Rail Network’, which investigated the potential of reopening the March to Wisbech rail line along with a number of other potential reopenings.

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