Wisbech Access Strategy

Wisbech Access Strategy

The Wisbech Access Strategy is a package of individual schemes that aim to improve the transport network in the area. These schemes will be vital to support future housing and job growth - as set out in the Fenland Local Plan.

At the end of 2017, public consultation was held and proposals were amended following the feedback to ensure the scheme does not jeopardise prospects to re-open Wisbech Rail.

Cambridgeshire County Council, along with Fenland District Council and the former Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (GCGP LEP), now The Business Board, successfully bid for funds from the Government's Growth Fund to develop the transport schemes. £10.5 million was awarded to the partners to carry out detailed design work on a package of short-term schemes. These consist of:

  • New Bridge Lane / Cromwell Road signals (CR2)
  • Elm High Road / Weasenham Lane roundabout (EH7b)
  • A47 / Broadend Road roundabout (BER2)
  • Minor improvements to the existing Elm High Road / A47 roundabout
  • Southern Access Road - two options are currently being developed, decisions on the Wisbech Rail Project will determine which is taken forward.

The Wisbech Access Strategy will contain two further phases - phase 2 (medium term) and phase 3 (long term).

Information on previous stages of the project can be found on the Fenland District Council website

Presentation boards

The scheme boards below were presented for residents and businesses to view and comment upon following progress on scheme designs that were amended following a public consultation at the end of 2017.

1. Introduction Poster 1 V32.28MBpdf
Size: 2.28MBFile format: pdf
2. BER2 Poster 1 V32.81MBpdf
Size: 2.81MBFile format: pdf
3. CR2 Poster 1 V32.69MBpdf
Size: 2.69MBFile format: pdf
4. EH1 Poster 1 V32.52MBpdf
Size: 2.52MBFile format: pdf
5. EH7b Poster 1 V32.13MBpdf
Size: 2.13MBFile format: pdf
6. SAR1 Poster 1 V32.58MBpdf
Size: 2.58MBFile format: pdf
7. SAR5b Poster 1 V32.35MBpdf
Size: 2.35MBFile format: pdf
8. Other Schemes Poster 1 V33.1MBpdf
Size: 3.1MBFile format: pdf