Replacement for Kings Dyke level crossing in Whittlesey

On 10 March 2016 the Planning Committee at Cambridgeshire County Council approved plans to build a new crossing at Kings Dyke on the A605 between Whittlesey and Peterborough. This followed the County Council's Economy and Environment Committee approval of plans to replace the congested Kings Dyke level crossing in 2015.

Officers will start carrying out land surveys and ground investigations on site in February 2018 to finalise the design in preparation for construction. These surveys will provide information about soil conditions, which is crucial for construction design. For more information, see our latest news release.

On 10 August 2017 it was agreed at Economy and Environment Committee to appoint Kier as the contractor to carry out the detailed engineering design of the scheme. The scheme will require significant earthworks, ground stabilisation and a bridge to be constructed over the railway line, which can only be closed for very short periods of time. The process needs careful design and planning and construction is likely to start later in the year. 

The route

The route chosen (see map below) bypasses the existing level crossing to the south. It involves the creation of two new roundabouts at Funthams Lane and the brickworks access road. In the public consultation, this route was labelled Location 3 and had the support of a majority of respondents (58%) as well as a number of local businesses and Whittlesey Town Council.

Map of proposed new route

Map of proposed new route

Public Consultation

A public consultation on proposals to replace the King’s Dyke level crossing near Whittlesey took place from 30 October to 15 December, 2014.

827 responses were received to the consultation survey with 95% of respondents stating their support for replacing the level crossing.

Location 3, the option for a bridge and bypass of the crossing around buildings to the south, received the support of a majority of respondents (58%). Locations 1 and 2 gained 17% and 23% of preferences respectively.  

Cost of the scheme

The latest technical estimates from the Council’s consultants suggest the cost of replacing the level crossing at Location 3 may be up to £16.9m, including contingencies for unforeseen circumstances. It is anticipated that as the scheme develops and a number of risks are removed, the overall cost of the project will be reduced. The majority of funding has already been allocated with £5m from the Growth Deal, £3m from the Local Transport Body and £3.5m County Council funding.

Feasibility and option assessment work

If you would like to read about the options work (including the six options that were deemed to be unfeasible) in more detail please see the feasibility report (below). In the reports Location 1 is listed as 3a, Location 2 is 4 and Location 3 is option 5. Options were renamed in the consultation materials for clarity.

King's Dyke initial feasibility report

Size: 1.69 MB File format: pdf

Engineering options feasibility report part 1

Size: 12.72 MB File format: pdf

Engineering options feasibility report part 2

Size: 9.71 MB File format: pdf

Further work was then undertaken to assess the three feasible options in more detail:

King's Dyke options assessment report

Size: 2.50 MB File format: pdf

King's Dyke options assessment report appendix

Size: 10.22 MB File format: pdf

Visualisations of the works post construction

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