Equalities in early years & childcare

Equalities is about ensuring that everybody in society is treated equally and fairly.

We do this by:

  • valuing difference
  • recognising the impact of discrimination
  • helping all of our children reach their individual potential
  • recognising the importance of what is learned in childhood
  • challenging negative labels and attitudes

Settings that have signed the 'Local Agreement for Childcare Providers in Cambridgeshire' need to have:

Sample: what you plan to achieve in the next year
Size: 23KBFile format: pdf
The Early Years Service has produced a statement of intent.pdf (33.59KB) for settings to complete so show their commitment to include all children and welcome those who are not able to speak or understand English.
Size: 34KBFile format: pdf
Produced by the Early Years Service
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Early Years Pupil Premium audit tool - July 2019
Produced by the Early Years Service.
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