We are responsible for licensing every petrol station in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Rutland. The licence exists due to the public safety risk from large quantities of flammable fuel.

You can find general information on petroleum storage on:

Apply for a new Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC)

You need a Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC) to store or dispense petrol at your premises. We issue the PSC to the 'registered keeper'. The PSC doesn't have an expiry date and remains in force until either:

  • Major changes take place, or
  • The site ceases to operate for more than 12 months

When you apply, you’ll need to have the following information to hand:

  • Litres of petrol stored in underground tanks
  • Litres of petrol stored in above ground tanks
  • Total quantity in litres
  • Litres of diesel stored
  • Litres of LPG stored

Our Petroleum Officer will review your application and decide whether to issue a certificate. They may conduct a site visit and ask you to provide copies of site plans.

If your application is successful, you will receive a hard copy certificate which you must keep on site. Our Petroleum Officer will advise you how to make your first payment.

Renew your Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC)

We write to the registered keeper when it's time to renew the Petroleum Storage Certificate.

You'll need your renewal letter to hand.

You can pay annually or for a number of years at a time.

Notify a change of person keeping petroleum

We issue Petroleum Storage Certificates (PSCs) to ‘registered keepers’.

To change a person who is a registered keeper, you must notify us. You have between 28 days and six months before the date of the proposed change of keeper to notify us.

Email: tstand@peterborough.gov.uk.

Certificate fees and payment method

View our fees and charges page

You can pay for your certificate annually, or for a number of years at a time.

Payment methods include cheque, BACS or over the telephone.

Report breaches

If you know of a business that stores and / or dispenses petroleum without a licence, please report to Trading Standards.

Contact us

For more information, please email Tstand@peterborough.gov.uk