Trading Standards for consumers

We recognise that, each year, consumers across the UK face an array of consumer issues from misleading descriptions and false statements to new purchases failing and pressure selling.

You can seek comprehensive advice on your legal rights as well as practical advice on how to pursue those from advice partner, the Citizens Advice Consumer Service. You can find comprehensive information about this service and how to access it below.

Furthermore, as an intelligence-led enforcement body, we welcome reports of any suspected illegal trading practices. You can find below details of how to report these.

You may also be interested to learn more about our Buy With Confidence approved trader scheme. Trading Standards has thoroughly vetted each trader, giving you that added level of confidence.

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Protect yourself as a savvy consumer

Our role is to protect you from unsafe products and illegal sales practices.

We investigate complaints and carry out inspections to uncover illegal and unlawful practices and goods. We use enforcement where necessary to bring businesses into compliance.

It's far better that you avoid these businesses and products in the first place. We provide a number of guides below to help you do that.

We also provide you with details of how to report illegal practices and goods if you come across them so that we at Trading Standards and our many partner organisations can receive notification and take appropriate action.

Learn more about how you can keep yourself and others safe. Find out how you can identify, prevent and report: