Children’s Commissioning

Cambridgeshire Children's Commissioning

The Children’s Commissioning team is part of the Adults, Health and Commissioning directorate. We help to transform the way public services are designed, delivered and integrated. We work with a range of local, regional and national organisations and public sector bodies. Together we want to improve the quality of life for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Children's external placements dynamic purchasing system

Our dynamic purchasing system services includes:

  • Provision of Independent Fostering Agencies (IFA)
  • Provision of Residential Children’s homes
  • Independent Special Education Provisions (ISEPs)
  • Provision of Out of School Tuition (OoST)

Feedback on commissioned services

Please complete our survey if you have:

  • used a Cambridgeshire County Council service aimed at 0-25 year olds
  • would like to comment on one of our commissioned services

The results of this survey are reviewed and considered on a monthly basis.