Support activities for older people

Local Councils are helping improve the quality of life for older people throughout Cambridgeshire.

Schemes such as support warden schemes, lunch clubs and internet clubs help people stay active, safe and independent. In some cases, Councillors have trained up to become Community Navigators to help people access services and activities. One Council has employed Older People’s Co-ordinators, described in the case study below. Some now run their own rogue trader and scams awareness schemes. These activities can prevent need for statutory services by increasing people's support networks.

If you and your Parish or Town Council can support any of these activities, please get in touch to register your interest.

Case study: Supporting older people in Histon and Impington

Histon and Impington Parish Council are leading the way in supporting older people.

The initiative started when the Parish Council employed an Older People’s Co-ordinator for 10 hours a week. This was to help older people access services and activities in the villages, such as social gatherings, exercise classes, Meals on Wheels or applying for a Blue Badge or bus pass. The Older People’s Co-ordinator also runs the Village Shopping Service, where older residents regularly visit local shops and supermarkets using the community minibus.

The role of the Co-ordinator has made a real impact on people’s lives and has proved so valuable the Parish Council have now employed a second Co-ordinator. The County Council have recognised the value of this great work and are exploring ways embedding this approach into adult social care provision.