How decisions are made


Cambridgeshire County Council has a constitution which sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made, and the procedures that are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

The Chief Executive and the Monitoring Officer are responsible for keeping the Constitution under review. Any changes of substance are made only following a decision of full Council recommended by Constitution and Ethics Committee.

To ensure you are reading the current version, please use the online documents. The constitution can be read online here.

If you have any questions about keeping the constitution up to date, please contact or telephone 01223 699180.

Scheme of Authorisation

The Scheme of Authorisation enables Executive Directors and Directors who hold delegated powers to authorise officers within their Directorates to undertake functions which lie within the scope of those powers.  The Executive Director and Director has discretion to decide which officers to authorise to exercise which powers/functions provided that the powers and functions are within the Executive Director and Director's delegated powers under the Constitution.

The Executive Director and Director remains responsible for the decisions taken on their behalf and must ensure that the officers whom they authorise are suitably qualified and experienced to undertake the function.  Each Executive Director and Director is required to maintain a scheme of authorisation for their directorate, detailed below, listing the authorisations granted.  

Business Improvement and Development Scheme of Authorisation - April 2022177KBpdf
Size: 177KBFile format: pdf
Customer and Corporate Services Scheme of Authorisation - February 2022153KBpdf
Size: 153KBFile format: pdf
People and Communities Scheme of Authorisation - January 2022452KBpdf
Size: 452KBFile format: pdf
Place and Economy Scheme of Authorisation - February 2022493KBpdf
Size: 493KBFile format: pdf
Public Health Scheme of Authorisation - March 2022223KBpdf
Size: 223KBFile format: pdf
Resource Scheme of Authorisation - February 2022262KBpdf
Size: 262KBFile format: pdf

Forward plan of key decisions

Every month the Forward Plan, a document setting out key decisions that will be taken on behalf of the Council is published. It is published at least 28 days before any key decision set out in the document is due to be made. The plan refers to relevant documents expected to be submitted to the decision-makers for their consideration. 

Forward Agenda Plan of Key Decisions - January 2023268KBpdf
Size: 268KBFile format: pdf

Additions to Forward Plan

Any late additions to the forward plan are considered in accordance with the Council Constitution and published here

Policy and service committee agenda plans

Each policy and service committee will publish every month a document which sets out each item to be considered by the said committee including key decisions published in the forward plan.

Adults and Health Committee Agenda Plan - January 202390KBpdf
Size: 90KBFile format: pdf
Children and Young People Committee Agenda Plan - January 2023107KBpdf
Size: 107KBFile format: pdf
Environment & Green Investment Committee Agenda Plan - January 2023104KBpdf
Size: 104KBFile format: pdf
Highways and Transport Committee Agenda Plan - January 202399KBpdf
Size: 99KBFile format: pdf
Strategy and Resources Committee Agenda Plan - January 2023111KBpdf
Size: 111KBFile format: pdf