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What happens at meetings?

The County Council, as a whole, has overall responsibility for levels of spending and for major policies. All councillors meet together as the Council (Full Council) with meetings normally held six times a year.

 To help people follow the debates at Cambridgeshire County Council we are live web streaming on YouTube our Full Council meetings. You can also follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #CCCmtgs.

The Strategy, Resources and Performance Committee (with fifteen members) has authorisation to co-ordinate the development to Full Council of the Strategic, Policy and Budget Framework, including in-year adjustments. It also has oversight of our corporate functions, and the development and performance management of a commercial strategy which focuses on financial, social and environmental return of our investments.

Six Policy and Service Committees, each with fifteen members chosen to reflect the political make-up of the Council, are responsible for most major decisions. They deal with different areas of Council business:

The Council also has Regulatory Committees, Joint Committees and Other Committees.

The council supports the principle of transparency and encourages filming, recording and taking photographs at its meetings that are open to the public. It also welcomes the use of social networking and micro-blogging websites, such as X (formerly known as Twitter) and Facebook, to communicate with people about what is happening as it happens. These arrangements operate in accordance with a Filming Protocol agreed by the Chair of the Council and political group leaders.