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Our delivery partners and how to become a delivery partner - Cambridgeshire Skills

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Our learning Delivery Partners

We contract with a number of organisations who deliver courses on our behalf all over Cambridgeshire.

Cambridgeshire Skills is committed to growing and diversifying the range of courses it delivers to widen participation, target and support the most vulnerable, engage in new and emerging markets and meet the regional and local economic development agenda. To maximise the opportunities made available to its learners, the Service engages with selected subcontractors and other Cambridgeshire County Council teams to help broaden its provision offer. These training providers and internal delivery teams are known as ‘Providers’ within our service.

Additionally, subcontracting and partnership arrangements will be established to:

  • Address capacity issues.
  • Deliver provision required for specific initiatives or projects that Cambridgeshire Skills is unable to provide directly.
  • Respond to specific identified need.
  • Engage with individuals and/or groups who farthest from education and training.
  • Enhance the opportunities available for learners.
  • Fill gaps in niche or expert provision and provide better access to training facilities.
  • Support better geographical access for learners in disadvantaged postcode areas.
  • Offer an entry point for disadvantaged groups.
  • Give consideration of the impact on individuals with shared protected characteristics, where there might otherwise be gaps.

A core principle of subcontracting is that all learners are the learners of Cambridgeshire Skills.

How to become a delivery partner for Cambridgeshire Skills

Cambridgeshire County Council is inviting Adult Education providers to bid for a place on the Cambridgeshire Skills Approved Provider List to help support us deliver the Adult Education Budget/Adult Skills Fund. Successful bidders will have the chance to be granted funding for the academic year(s) 1 August 2024 – 31 July 2026, with the possibility to extend the Approved Provider List for two further years.

Please find the advert link here: 23114 Adult Education Budget Re-Procurement (

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