Home safety and security

The Bobby Scheme

The Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme aims to help older and vulnerable people feel safer in their own homes. The 'bobbies' fit security equipment and provide advice to reduce the risk of burglary. This service is free for those who have been burgled.

For a small donation the Bobby Scheme helps improve security for older people who are at high risk or feel vulnerable, and disabled people who live alone. This may include installing peep holes, door chains, window alarms and other security devices. Find out more about the Bobby Scheme.

Safe and Well visits

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) carries out Safe and Well visits for those who are most vulnerable in our community. This includes those who smoke, have a disability or mental health problems. They are prioritised according to individual risk.

The service visits residents in their homes, and assesses six key elements. Visits take around one hour, and are free of charge.

  1. Fire safety in the home - including cooking, general safety and escape plans.
  2. Falls prevention - including simple remedial action such as replacing lightbulbs or taping down loose carpet.
  3. Alcohol use - Alcohol related hospital admissions are steadily increasing. illness in the over 65s is on the increase. We can provide you with helpful information.
  4. Stay well and warm - Can you afford to heat your home? Do you have access to a hot meal? Do you access the all the services available to you?
  5. Crime reduction - We can provide advice on making your home more secure in addition to advice to make you less vulnerable to scams or fraud
  6. Smoking - need a helping hand to quit? Our partners can offer you the help and advice you need to stop smoking.


A person who has mental health needs may not always be aware of the dangers to themselves in relation to fire. Storing and hoarding lots of belongings, papers or rubbish can be a fire risk. If you are worried about someone's hoarding, you can arrange for a safe and well visit.

Book a safe and well visit

Find out if someone is eligible for a free safe and well visit using the link below. Or contact the automated message line on 0800 917 9994 and leave a message including the persons name, address and daytime phone number to receive a call back.