Equipment and technology for adults and older people

Gadgets and devices to use around the home

We all use technology every day.  For example lighting, telephones and vehicles make our lives easier. Choosing the right equipment and 'gadgets' will help you stay independent, and increase your confidence inside and outside your home.

Find out more about adaptations to your home.

Wheelchairs and walking aids

A wheelchair might help you remain independent - either short term or longer term. Talk to your GP for initial advice.

If you are already a wheelchair user, you can contact the wheelchair service direct. The service can provide reassessment, repair and maintenance, and advice.
Telephone: 0808 169 9633
Website:  AJM Healthcare

Your GP can also talk to you about a wide range of walking aids, such as frames, and physiotherapy. These can help you to remain independent and keep doing the things you enjoy. You can also buy mobility aids yourself.

Safe and Well support - including occupational therapist

Safe and Well Cambridgeshire provides information and advice on a range of equipment and devices. There is an online questionnaire to identify things that might help you. You can also telephone 01480 415 719 to talk to an occupational therapist.