Living independently

Most people want to stay independent in their own home for as long as possible. You can do this by:

  • using equipment and technology to increase your confidence around your home, and keep you safe
  • adapting your home, for example swapping your bath for a shower
  • moving to a more suitable home. This makes it more likely that you can remain independent for life
  • getting help with things you find difficult.For example cleaning, gardening, or making meal times easier
  • considering personal care

Housing information and advice

Cambridgeshire County Council does not provide housing, so we cannot offer advice. However there are other places to go for help.

The city and district councils provide free, confidential housing advice. They help both tenants and homeowners.  They can advise you on options and legal rights. This includes homelessness, benefits, social housing, renting and eviction. 

Social housing is also managed by the district councils or housing associations.  

Age UK has a guide to help you plan your future housing needs. It covers sheltered housing and information about buying and renting retirement accommodation.

The Elderly Accommodation Council (EAC) offers advice to help older people make informed decisions on their housing and care needs. It has information about sheltered housing that is available to rent privately.

Papworth Trust provides information and advice for people with disabilities on a range of subjects, including housing.