Childcare information

If you are a keyworker and are struggling to find childcare provision, please call our team on 0345 045 1360.

Finding childcare providers

The Cambridgeshire Online Directory allows you to search for local childcare providers. You can search using a postcode and can filter results by type of childcare.

Help with your childcare costs

The Childcare Choices website offers a comparison guide for all the ways you can reduce your childcare costs.

Parents can purchase childcare from registered early years providers from birth. All children are entitled to free early learning and childcare at a registered provider before they attend school.  Some children as young as two years old are entitled to up to 570 hours of childcare per year funded by the local authority.

DFE DSF Project - parent leaflet
A basic leaflet for parents explaining all the entitlements - content taken from Childcare Choices website.
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Childcare provision for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities

All childcare settings are able to support a child with special educational needs and/or disabilities, although some may have particular skills or expertise. It is important to give potential settings as much information as possible about your child from the start. This will help them to meet his / her needs more effectively, which may help them to settle better. 

If you need help with finding a childcare place for your child, contact the Family and Childcare Information helpline on 0345 045 1360. If you need additional help with finding a place, you may be put in touch with the specialist childcare adviser.

Types of childcare

Getting further help

If you have a child aged between 0 and 5 you can also visit a Cambridgeshire Child and Family Centre for help with finding childcare. Other local parents are likely to have a good idea of what is available in an area, but make sure you make your own enquiries into the quality and suitability of a setting. For providers registered with Ofsted, their inspection report will provide useful information on their quality. The Cambridgeshire Online Directory provides links to Ofsted report for registered providers.

 You can call us on 0345 045 1360 if you are have trouble finding suitable childcare.

Under the Child Care Act 2006, Cambridgeshire County Council has a duty to:

  • ensure sufficient and suitable childcare places are provided, including for children with special educational needs and/or disability, to enable parents to work or to undertake education or training which could lead to employment
  • secure free early years education provision for all 3 and 4 year olds, and 2 year olds who meet nationally set eligibility criteria, for 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year.