Applying for a school place

Current in-year applications September 2019 – July 2020

Following the Government guidelines for Covid-19, in-year application will remain closed for the remainder of this academic year. However during the pandemic, applications will still be processed for 'key workers' and 'vulnerable children and young people'. To apply, please contact the admission team providing details.

In-year applications for September 2020

For a school place starting from September 2020 (next academic year) you can apply from 1 June 2020.

  • Applications received between 1 June – 26 June will be notified of an allocation from 13 July.
  • Applications received from 27 June will be processed in date order of receipt and will be responded to within 10 school days.
  • If you apply after 6 July your application may not be processed before the end of term as there is less than 10 school days remaining. Applications are not processed during the summer holidays.

"We process over 5,000 in-year applications a year, with around 3,000 of those between May and August for a place in September. Apply early, use all three preferences, include your catchment school and attached the correct documentation so we can process your application on time" Admissions Team Leader

You must apply online using our Citizen Portal

Citizen portal link will be available from 1 June

  • If you are changing from one Cambridgeshire school to another you will need to supply a student details form to your current school. Once this has been completed, it needs to be attached and sent with your application.
  • If you are applying under academic or religious grounds, you may also need to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and send this to the school so they have it when they receive a request for a school place from us.
  • You will make one application per child and the application will be based on your child’s home address.
  • You should specify three schools, in order of preference. It is strongly recommended that you select your catchment school as one of your three preferences. 
  • Use all three preferences. If you only apply to one school, and there are no places available, we may allocate a school that you would not have chosen. You will also be responsible for getting your child to and from that school.
  • Check that you are not including any schools that administer their own in-year admissions as one of your three preferences (see frequently asked questions below).
  • If you are moving, or have moved address, you will need to attach proof of address with your application (see frequently asked questions below).