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The eBooks service allows you to download eBooks onto your computer, eBook reader, tablet or smartphone.

A wide range of fiction for adults, children and young adults. Authors include Philip Pullman, Ann Cleeves and Mark Billingham. Health and lifestyle titles are also included in this collection

Introducing a new range of eBooks particularly suited to reading groups as each title allows up to 75 readers to read at the same time. Modern fiction and biography including Karen Viggers, Alexander McCall Smith, Holly Bourne and Lucy Dawson.

Libro eBook collection

  1. You must be a library member. If you are not a member, please join the library first, as you will need to log in with your library card and PIN numbers

  2. Create an Adobe ID

    • If using desktop PC/Mac, download Adobe Digital Editions Home
    • Our preferred app for all tablets/devices is LIBRO. Libro is linked to our eBook catalogue, your bookshelf and book search are on the same page.
    • Get LIBRO from your app store - Android devices, IOS devices.You will need to sign in with your Adobe ID
    • Aldiko and Bluefire are still available for android devices
    • Bluefire is still available for IOS devices

Downloading eBooks onto a Laptop or PC - November 2017

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For customers using Aldiko and Bluefire

Features of this service

  • This service is free
  • You can download up to 4 eBooks (including 4 requests) for up to 21 days
  • No overdues, as loans expire after 3 weeks. Items cannot be renewed
  • Fiction and non-fiction titles available in EPUB and PDF formats
  • Compatible with PCs, MACs and downloadable directly on to Apple and Android Smart devices.
  • eBooks are not compatible with Windows tablets/phones and Amazon Kindle devices
  • Kindle Fire/HD devices can use the service using a software download from Libro

RBdigital eBook collection

  • RBdigital downloads can be renewed or returned early. Up to 75 users can borrow the same title at one time.
  • Titles can be downloaded to a PC using Media Manager software or to devices using the app.
  • Visit the webpage to create an account and password before downloading the app.
  • Login to the app with the account details you have created.
  • Unlimited titles can be borrowed for up to 21 days.

Download the RBdigital app

If you need further assistance, please email [email protected].

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