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Your Cambridgeshire Libraries library card gives you free access to our eLibrary, including eBooks and eComics.

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Borrowing eBooks and eComics

You can borrow up to 8 items from Overdrive, which includes eBooks, eAudiobooks and eComics.

  • Items can be borrowed for up to 21 days and can be returned early.
  • They can be renewed a few days before they are due unless there is a waiting list.
  • Reservations of eBooks, eAudiobooks and eComics are free.
  • Some titles are available to be borrowed by more than one person at a time, these are great for reading groups.

Register your Library Card

On the OverDrive catalogue page:

  • select ’Sign In’;
  • enter your library card number and PIN;
  • click on ‘Sign in’.

The Cambridgeshire Libraries OverDrive eLibrary will now be available to use.

Searching for eBooks and eComics
To search for a specific title or author on OverDrive use the search bar at the top of the page.

Our OverDrive catalogue home page features a number of themed bookshelves. These are useful for browsing, particularly if don’t have a specific book or author in mind. You can also browse the catalogue by subject or collection.

To find eComics:

  • click on ‘Subjects’ at the top left;
  • select eBooks
  • choose ‘Comic and Graphic Books’.

Compatible devices

OverDrive and its Libby app work with PCs, tablets, mobile phones and some eReaders.

Using a Web browser to read eBooks and eComics

If you would like to read eBooks or eComics using a web browser such as Chrome, Edge or FireFox, visit our OverDrive website: Cambridgeshire County Council - OverDrive

When you have found a title you would like to borrow and read:

  • click on ‘Borrow’;
  • in the following pop-up box click on ‘Read now in Browser.’

Downloading eBook or eComic titles to your PC
To download eBooks or eComics to your PC, you will need the OverDrive app installed on your computer as well as a download file. Both of these are available from the OverDrive app page.

In the OverDrive app search for the eBook or eComic you would like to read then click on ‘Borrow’. In the pop-up box the appears click on ‘Download EPUB ebook’.

Using an eReader

You can connect your eReader to your PC to transfer eBooks.

Compatible eReaders:

  • Kobo
  • Nook
  • PocketBook
  • Tolino

Please note OverDrive and Libby do not work with Kindle eReaders.

Some eReaders have OverDrive available on the device. Open OverDrive and enter your library card details to start borrowing eBooks.

If your eReader doesn’t have OverDrive on it, you can connect your eReader to your PC to transfer eBooks on to it.

  • Plug your eReader into your computer
  • Install the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer
  • Go to the OverDrive website and download an eBook to your PC. The file name will end ‘.acsm’
  • Open the eBook in Adobe Digital Editions
  • The first time you do this Adobe Digital Editions will prompt you to enter your Adobe account details. If you don’t have an Adobe account, follow the link to set one up.
  • Your eReader will appear under the ‘Device’ heading. Drag and drop your eBook to copy it on to your eReader.

Using a tablet or smartphone
For reading or listening on your tablet, Kindle Fire or smart phone, download the Libby app.
Download and install the 'Libby, by OverDrive'.

When using the app for the first time you will need to add your library card. Click on 'Find My Library' and search for Cambridgeshire Libraries. Once it has found the right library service select ‘Add a Library Card’ and enter your library card number in PIN.

For more information about the Libby app: Getting Started with Libby

Get the Libby app

Libby app on the Apple App Store

Libby app on the Google Play Store (Android)

Libby app on the Windows Store

Further information and help

For further information on getting started on OverDrive help can be found on the OverDrive website.

There are detailed help pages for eBooks available.
Get help with ebooks from your library (

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