Existing members of reading groups

Ways to take your reading group online

Here are some suggested ways from Reading Groups for Everyone to take your reading group meeting online. Group phone/video chat options can help you stay connected while observing social distancing guidelines.

You will need Wi-Fi or an Internet connection to use any of the following methods of staying in touch:

You can download for free with your library card eBooks and eAudio to use with your reading group.

  • Each month on Borrow Box we have a selection of ‘Cambridgeshire Listen In!’ titles which can be downloaded by multiple users at the same time. Ideal for reading groups, workplaces, and classrooms. Download, listen and share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages using the hashtag #CambridgeshireListenIn.
  • Overdrive have some multi-access eBook and eAudio book titles. These titles can be downloaded by more than one person. Ideal for a reading group who wants to read or listen to the same title. Download titles using the Libby app or visit our Overdrive catalogue and view our collection of eBooks.

To access our eBook and eAudio items each person in the group will need to be a member of Cambridgeshire Libraries. If they aren’t already a member they can join online and their library card number will be emailed to them. They will also need to have access to a device to download the relevant apps. Information about devices, apps and how to use eBooks and eAudio items can be found on the online library pages of the library website.

Cambridgeshire Reads / Cambridgeshire Listens

Each month Cambridgeshire Libraries have a range of multi-access eBooks and eAudiobooks on our BorrowBox website. They can be downloaded by up to 500 or 1,000 users at the same time.

This month’s Cambridgeshire Reads are available on the eBooks page of the BorrowBox website or app.

This month’s Cambridgeshire Listens are available on the eAudiobooks page of the BorrowBox website or app.

Join in with other readers from across Cambridgeshire:

  • Join in on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) using the hashtags #CambridgeshireReads and #CambridgeshireListens
  • Listen in to the discussions on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Resources for reading groups

Looking to join an online reading group?

If you are looking to join a reading group there are plenty of options online.

ULibrary offer free online reading groups, with a different eAudio title available to listen to and discuss each month. They can be accessed from the app or from these two websites:

Information about online reading groups: