Library fees and charges

Paying library charges

You can: 

We don't recommend sending cash by post. Cash sent through the post is at the sender's risk.

Account limits

Library cards are temporarily suspended when charges on an account reach our limits of:

  • £10 for adult borrowers
  • £5 for juniors

Renewing items

You can renew an item borrowed from Cambridgeshire Libraries up to 3 times. They cannot be renewed if someone else places a reservation on the item.

Fees for items borrowed from static and mobile libraries

The borrowing period for items from static libraries is 3 weeks.

The borrowing period for items from mobile libraries is 5 weeks.

Item Borrowing charge Overdue charge (per item per day) Maximum charge per item
Standard books and individual music scores Free 25p £5
Junior and young adult books, and audiobooks Free N/A N/A
Standard audio books, language courses £1.10 25p £13
DVDs, Blu-Ray and music CDs £1 25p £9

Overdue charges

Overdue fines are only applied to adult stock. Charges are based on the number of days that the library which issued the item is open. The total overdue fine is calculated when an item is returned.

We can temporarily freeze overdue charges in certain situations - if you:

  • have already returned an item which is still showing as outstanding on your account
  • never borrowed an item on your account
  • have lost an item

Overdue charges for mobile libraries

Overdue charges for items borrowed from mobile libraries only apply after 15 weeks. When you have missed three visits.

Borrowing online resources

Item Borrowing period Borrowing charge Overdue charge
(per item per visit)
Maximum charge
(per item)
eAudio and eBooks 3 weeks Free N/A - items are returned automatically N/A - items are returned automatically
eMagazines and eNewspapers Varies Free N/A - items are returned automatically N/A - items are returned automatically


If your local library does not have the item you would like to borrow and it is in stock at one of our other libraries, use the library catalogue to place a reservation to have the item delivered to the library of your choice.

  • For all adult borrowers there is a charge of 50p to reserve any item for delivery to your chosen library.
  • For borrowers registered as a Child or Young person aged 0- 18, reservations are free.
  • For borrowers registered as Library at Home reservations are free.

SPINE reservations

If Cambridgeshire Libraries does not have the item you would like to borrow, you can use the SPINE catalogue to search and reserve items from Peterborough and Suffolk, to have the item delivered to the library of your choice. There is a charge of £2 per item for this service. This helps cover the cost of transporting the item to the selected library.

Inter-library loans

Any items requested from other authorities' libraries (inter-library loan) will be charged at £8.50 each. If an item is to be obtained from the British Library, the charge will be £18.70 and £6 per renewal, but requestors will be contacted for confirmation to proceed with the request. Charges will still apply for uncollected items.

Replacement library cards

Library cards are issued free of charge when you join.

A replacement library card costs £1.50 (junior), £2.50 (adult) and can be obtained from your local library.

Staff will need to see a valid identification document before issuing replacement cards.

Valid identification documents include:

  • driving licence
  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • ID card
  • pension or rent book
  • bus pass with printed name
  • library card from another library service
  • named school books (under 16’s only)

Lost or damaged borrowed items

Full replacement costs are charged on borrowed items which are lost or damaged beyond repair. For materials which are out of print or no longer obtainable, standard charges are applied.

Once an item is 83 days overdue, a lost charge will be applied to your account. You will not be able to borrow new items if the amount owed on your account exceeds our account limits.

If a lost item is returned the lost fee is automatically cancelled. There may still be overdue charges to pay. 

Please note that parents are not charged for books damaged by children under the age of five years. This applies only to under-fives material for example board and picture books and rhyme collections. It does not apply to adult books.

We have three different categories for concessions.

Concessions if you are housebound

If you have mobility or health problems, or have caring responsibilities, you can be registered as a housebound library member. We Require a letter from your doctor or social worker confirming that you cannot get to or from the library without help.

  • The concessions apply even where a friend or relative delivers your library items
  • Your items will be given a three-month loan period
  • No hire or overdue charges will be made for audio-visual materials
  • Charges will be made for loss or damage
  • We can arrange for a volunteer from the Library at Home service to deliver and collect items for you

Difficulty with books

If you are unable to use books because of visual impairment, dyslexia or another condition you can be registered for this service.

  • no hire or overdue charges for audio books, CDs or CD-ROMs (charges will be made for lost or damaged items)
  • three free pages of black and white printing per day
  • require proof such as CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment) or BD8 (Blind or Partially Sighted certificate), certificate or letter from your doctor or optician or a letter from your social worker confirming your difficulty or condition

Find out more about library services for people with a visual or print impairment.

Skills for Life students

We require a letter from your tutor for proof. This concession does not apply to language school students. Concessions will no longer apply when students have completed their course.

  • No hire or overdue charges for audio books, CDs or CD-ROMs (charges will be made for lost or damaged items)
  • Three free pages of black and white printing per day

Scanning is free, but copyright regulations apply.

Services vary. You can check local library facilities in the Cambridgeshire Online Directory.

Photocopying and printing charges

Paper size Current price
A4 black and white printing/photocopying £0.20
A3 black and white photocopying and printing (available in selected libraries) £0.40
A4 colour printing/photocopying £0.75
A3 colour photocopying and printing (available in selected libraries)


The printers take all coins apart from 2p and 1p pieces. Library members can add printing charges to their account.

Fax charges

Please speak to staff if you would like to use the fax machine.

Destination First page charge Extra pages charge
Sending to UK £1.50 £0.70
Sending to Europe £2.40 £1.10
Sending beyond Europe £3.00 £1.20
Receiving from anywhere £0.70 £0.30

We can display posters and leaflets in libraries for you as long as they meet our Policy on exhibitions, displays, posters, leaflets and petitions in libraries.

Charges for displaying commercial material

Poster size Price
A3 poster £10 per month or part thereof
A4 poster £6 per month or part thereof
A5 poster £4 per month or part thereof
A5 leaflets £5 per 50 leaflets (or smaller) per month
Multiple leaflets/fliers

10% discount on the above prices

The table above does not include prices for Cambridge Central Library and some city branches where a Premium Poster Service operates. Please ask these libraries for specific information.

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