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Open+ out of hours library access

Longer opening times for your library

What is Open+?

Open+ means you can access the library at specific times outside of usual staffed hours.

The Open+ library system provides:

  • access to free Wi-Fi
  • access to full range of stock and self-service issue and returns
  • access to PCs, printers and photocopiers
  • comfortable study and leisure space
  • meeting room hire (speak to a member of staff)

How to use Open+ (video)

Please watch in YouTube for more accessibility options. - opens in a new tab

Which libraries offer Open+ access?

Who can use Open+?

If you hold a full library membership and are over the age of 16 you can register to use Open+.

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How do I register for Open+ access?

Speak to a member of staff at any Open+ library during staffed hours.  Following a simple registration procedure and short induction session, your library card will be upgraded for Open+ access.

How do I enter the library during an Open+ session?

You will need to scan your library card at the access point outside the main doors and enter your PIN code. If you have been registered to use Open+, the doors will open for you.

You must have your library card and PIN code or you will not be able to access the building.

Everyone who enters the building should do so with their own library card. However, we understand in some circumstances (such as family groups) it makes sense for several people to enter together.

If you think someone who is not part of your group may follow you into the library, do not enter. If you feel comfortable, you could explain that it is an Open+ session and they are able to register during staffed hours.

If an Open+ session follows a staffed session, there will be a short gap between them. You will be asked to leave the library during this time.

What can I do in the library during Open+ sessions?

You can do almost everything that you would do in a staffed session. There will be no access to toilets.

Open+ Acceptable Use Policy

Open+ customer agreement

Open+ provides customers an extra opportunity to use the library outside of staffed hours.

By registering for Open+, you agree to adhere to this agreement at all times. This ensures libraries are used in a responsible and safe way.

Customers who do not follow this agreement will have their Open+ status removed.

When using the library during Open+ hours, you must:

  • Treat the building, its contents and other people using the service with respect at all times.
  • Take responsibility for your own safety.
  • Enter the library using your own library card and PIN – membership cards are not transferable. Do not pass it on to anyone else.
  • Do not allow entry to anyone other than yourself, except for someone you are wholly responsible for e.g. under 16’s. If you think someone may follow you into the library, do not enter.
  • If entering as a family, just one adult will need to use the access system and the family can enter together.
  • Under 16’s must not be left in the library without a responsible adult over the age of 18.
  • Enter and leave the building only by the designated entrance, except in case of emergency.
  • Do not access the counter or any staff equipment.
  • Do not attempt to enter any restricted areas, including toilets, which are not available during Open+ sessions.
  • Customers who incur fines in excess of £10 will not be able to borrow items until the fine is reduced to under this level.
  • Customers who have a medical condition that may pose a risk to themselves in Open+ hours, enter the library entirely at their own risk.
  • If you are feeling unwell do not enter the library.
  • Report any emergency situations such as fire, flood, medical problems or other members of the public abusing the facility, via the emergency contact number/phone. This must only be used in case of emergency.
  • Report any damage, minor incidents, or concerns about the use of the library using our online contact form, via telephone on 0345 045 5225, or in person at any library as soon as possible after the event.
  • Continue to abide by the library byelaws.