Local Highway Improvements (LHI)’s are delivered by the County Council on a joint funded basis and applicants can apply for funding of up to either £25,000 for complex projects or £10,000 for non-complex projects, as a contribution to their scheme. The applicant is expected to provide a minimum contribution of 10% towards the total scheme cost.

If you are considering ways to reduce road speed, below are a range of speed treatments that we can offer. Speeding treatments fit into three main categories and some are only suitable on particular roads. They will have different costs. Generally we encourage communities to try alternative speeding treatments first before installing more permanent road features.

Please be aware that any schemes are only provided at the discretion of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Alternative speeding treatments

Vertical speeding treatments

Horizontal speeding treatments

How to fund your highway improvement

There are two ways to fund a highway improvement. You can either apply for Local Highway Improvement (LHI) Initiative funding from the County Council, or fund the improvement yourself with County Council approval and support. You can find out more about both ways below.