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Improving the local highway

The County Council is keen to work with local communities to help deliver improvements to their highways and streets, giving local people a real influence over highway improvements within their community. Traffic calming, parking restrictions, speed limit changes and footway and pedestrian crossing improvements are some of the most common improvements and these pages provide detailed information on the improvements available and how these could be funded.

Larger scale projects are prioritised each year by officers and members of the County Council. These arise from strategic plans, such as the Local Transport Plan and Transport Strategies, as well as more immediate maintenance and safety requirements. The Transport Delivery Plan (TDP) outlines work that is currently planned by the County Council over the next three years. All of these documents can be found in our Transport plans and policies section.

The links below provide useful technical information on a range of common highway improvements and the anticipated total cost of delivering the project. For Local Highway Improvement applicants these have now been categorised further depending on whether they fall into the Complex or Non-Complex category.

Select an issue you would like to address

Select a specific highway improvement

How to fund your highway improvement

There are two ways to fund a highway improvement. You can either apply for Local Highway Improvement (LHI) Initiative funding from the County Council, or fund the improvement yourself with County Council approval and support. You can find out more about both ways below.