Primary school road safety education

Do you want to...

  • encourage your pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school?
  • help your pupils be healthier, more independent and environmentally friendly?
  • encourage parents to remind their children of the rules of the road and the pavement!

We offer three fantastic TravelSmart schemes to help schools: WalkSmart, ScootSmart and PedalSmart. All three courses are free and come with  free resources for pupils and parents.

TravelSmart Training schemes we provide


WalkSmart training is for all Cambridgeshire primary school pupils in Years 4/5. The training aims to reduce child casualties on the road by giving practical training and raising children’s observation and awareness skills while crossing the road with an adult.  It also provides them with road safety skills in preparation for future independent travel to secondary school and encourages walking as a healthy recreational activity.

Parents are advised to continue supervising their children until they feel they are safe, even after the training.

Walk smart booklet cover


ScootSmart training is Cambridgeshire County Council’s scheme for all Cambridgeshire primary schools and aims to improve basic scooter riding and maintenance skills and increase children’s awareness of safety while scooting, reminding them of the need to be aware of pedestrians, driveways etc. The scheme encourages confident scooter use and supports scooting as a mode of travel to school as well as a healthy recreational activity.

ScootSmart booklet cover


PedalSmart training based on the school playground is designed to teach children very basic cycle skills that will compliment any on road training they may complete at a later date in Year 5 or 6.

The children will have practical training as well as fun activities and information about safety i.e. general maintenance of their bikes, cycle helmets and bright or reflective clothing.

PedalSmart booklet cover

What we will need from you

You will need to provide a minimum of two volunteers that the Road Safety Team will train.  Volunteers can be teaching staff, lunchtime supervisors, school governors, parents, grandparents etc.

Schools will need to ensure that the volunteers have been checked and cleared to work with children through the school’s usual safeguarding and checking policy.

A Road Safety Officer will come to your school to train the volunteers so will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date.

To find out more about any of the above, please contact .