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Early years road safety education

A child can learn a lot about road safety through play.  It may be something as simple as identifying traffic or learning what a road is but these basic ideas are so important and necessary before a child can learn to cross the road safely.

The main messages to get across to pre-school children are:

  • Always go out with a grown up and always hold hands
  • Stop look and listen for traffic
  • Roads are for traffic, pavements are for people

Road Safety Toy Bag

The Road Safety Toy Bag is available to borrow free of charge from the Road Safety Team. Usually the bag is loaned out for 2 weeks at a time.

Contents of road safety toy bag including Zebra crossing play mat, hats toy stop sign, books and soft toys

To request a toy bag, please contact . Please put 'Request for toy bag' in the subject box of your email. 

Make sure to tell us when you would ideally like to borrow the toy bag and leave a contact name and both the address and telephone number where we can contact you. We will deliver it to you and collect from you directly.