Road safety resources for hire

We have several fun, interactive resources available to hire for any event. These are suitable for schools, corporate events, hospitals, businesses or communities and are great at increasing engagement. To enquire about any of the below, please email

The Calorie Gallery and The Carbo– Meter are large bespoke interactive resources that show the benefits of active travel choices in a fun way. They feature a static exercise bike and a treadmill and are a great way to engage people at large events. They have been successfully used at a range of venues, from community centres through to businesses and hospitals.

These resources can be hired for events and are suitable for ages 8 to adults.

Calorie gallery machine and Carbo-meter at an event

The Batak Wall

The Batak Wall is a fast paced interactive exhibit. By reacting quickly to lights on the machine, users can test their reaction times, hand-eye coordination and stamina. This entertaining exhibit encourages a spirit of competition amongst participants and is a crowd puller for exhibitions. 

Man using the Batak Wall

Hire costs for Calorie Gallery and Carbo-meter or Batak Wall

Full day with CCC staff  - £395

Half day with CCC staff - £275

Stop! reaction time

After pressing a ‘start’ button, this intuitive desktop device calculates a random time at which to activate the ‘hazard’ – a flashing LED that then remains permanently on. The time taken for the user to hit the ‘stop’ button provides the person’s reaction time. Users then have the ability to explore the relationship between their reaction time and their thinking and braking distance against speed and road conditions.

The device is also available with a visual hazard and foot pedals, for added reality.

Stop reaction times machine

Hire costs for Stop! reaction time

Full day with CCC staff support  - £150

Half day with CCC staff support - £90