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Safer driver training and minibus assessments

A range of courses are available to schools, colleges, community groups, local authority services and other organisations.

Driver training services

Minibus assessment

  • Standard Minibus Driver Assessments for driving Minibuses with up to 16 passenger seats 
  • Standard MPV/Car Driver Assessments – for driving vehicles with less than 9 passenger seats
  • Equipment Training for Wheelchair ‘Accessible’ Vehicles – for driving Minibuses or MPV’s/Cars with disabled or wheelchair users or passengers.
Mobility vehicle being loaded into the back of a minibus


  • Standard course fee - £110 per driver
  • Accessible course fee – £210 per driver
  • Accessible upgrade fee - £110 per driver

Lower rates are available for group minibus training. All prices are exclusive of VAT. Contact to find out more.

Bespoke Driver Training

If you employ anyone who drives as part of their job or if you are an employee who has to drive for work, even if driving isn’t the main part of your job, a range of classroom and practical on-road driver training courses is available. We offer three hour training workshops tailored to your business needs. The three hour workshops cover:

  • safer drivers
  • safer journeys
  • safer vehicles
  • any specific topics important to you

These workshops are offered at £50 per person (based on a minimum of 10 participants).

Bespoke packages including practical driver coaching are also available on request. Please contact to find out more.

National Driver Offender Retraining Schemes

Drivers who have been referred by the Police to the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), can book the course online in Cambridgeshire with AA DriveTech, or by calling 0845 070 3609.