School crossing patrol

Cambridgeshire County Council provides school crossing patrols (SCP’s) to assist children to cross the road to and from school safely. Nationally agreed criteria are used to determine the need for an SCP and help ensure that assistance is given to those sites in most need. We also, where possible adhere to guidelines set out by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and Local Authority Road Safety Officers' Association.
These state that:
  • a SCP should not be provided at a site that has less than fifteen children crossing the road
  • a SCP should not operate in conjunction with a light controlled crossing as it gives conflicting messages to drivers and is a duplication of resources
When an SCP displays their stop sign it is a legal requirement for motorists to stop. If they fail to do so they can receive a £1,000 fine and three penalty points on their licence. SCP’s are empowered to stop traffic for anybody wishing to cross the road providing they are wearing the required uniform, displaying a stop sign, are  operating at an  approved site and within their authorised hours of duty. Currently no funding is available to provide new SCP sites however we welcome third party funding or sponsorship for current or new sites which meet the required criteria. Even where a School Crossing Patrol is provided parents remain responsible for ensuring their children's safety to and from school. In addition to managing the SCP Service we are also responsible for the following:
  • home to school route assessments
  • risk/hazard assessing school drop off points
  • making reasonably practicable recommendations to help improve child pedestrian safety when crossing the road to/from school

Current School Crossing Patrol vacancies:

  • Eastfields, St Ives
  • Bassingbourn
If you want to discuss the above vacancies or are interested in having a school crossing patrol please contact