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Welcome to our comprehensive financial resource hub! Whether you are dealing with debt, planning a budget, or exploring government support, we have got you covered.

Looking to optimise your finances?

Learn about helpful programmes like Universal Credit and tools like the Benefits Calculator and Money Help Budget Planner to help you assess your eligibility and support your financial planning. can you re-word this as i need to include benefits information - how to claim benefits, who to contact if you need help, where to get further advice.

Money advice

Citizen's Advice provide a wide variety of help and advice including debt and money. They can give you the information you need to make the right choices, including help to deal with your debt problems, how to avoid losing your home and how to get your finances back into shape.

Making Money Count offers everyday help with money, finding work and renting. Reliable and easy to follow information brought to you by organisations across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Includes tips and advice on money, bills and debt, check entitlements, shopping deals, budgeting, keeping track of money, energy saving tips.

  • Money Help in Cambridgeshire

Checklist for entitlements, everyday savings, budget planner (opens as .pdf)

Cambridge Money Advice Centre aim to provide a practical Christian response to the growing problem of debt in Cambridgeshire. They offer sessions at different sites

National Pension Advisors advise on what pension you will have to live on when you leave employment or retire for any reason

In crisis

Buttle UK is a charity dedicated to helping children and young people in crisis in the UK: those living in financial hardships and dealing with multiple challenging social issues.

A crisis can occur for lots of different reasons, Check out the information on various help available to you in your area.

Cambridgeshire Local Assistance Scheme provides advice and support to families about making their money go further or help to move on from a difficult situation.


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Cost of living

Cost of living payments (GOV.UK website)

Looking to access benefits?

Explore how to claim benefits, find assistance from relevant authorities, and access further advice to support your financial journey.

Universal credit

Discretionary Housing Payments

Employment and Support Allowance

Benefit calculator

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Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI)

Long term illness