Support to improve your health

Welcome to our health support resource!

Whether you are looking for housing assistance through Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) or exploring eligibility for Personal Independent Payment (PIP), our resource provides valuable information and application guidance. Caregivers can find support through the Carers Assessment and Carers Allowance links, while individuals with disabilities can access resources like the Homecare Support Scheme and Disability Living Allowance.

For financial assistance, explore options such as Benefits Calculators and Income Max to help you navigate your finances effectively. When it comes to mental health and wellbeing, support is available through services like the First Response Service. Bereavement support is available through organisations such as Cruse.

We also offer support to pets through Woodgreen and skills development through various courses.

For young people under 25, general support services are available through the Reach Network.

Feel free to explore these resources and access the support available.

Health and wellbeing

Mental health


Benefits for ill health