If you look after another person and need additional support to continue your caring role, beyond that offered by local organisations and voluntary groups, you may be eligible for support from the Council.

We offer advice and guidance to help you with your caring responsibilities and help you look after your own wellbeing. We may also do a more in-depth carers’ assessment to understand what’s important to you, and your needs. This will focus on you and the outcomes you want to achieve to help maintain your wellbeing. Carers’ assessments are available even if the person you care for does not get any help from the council.

You can request a carer's assessment:
  • if you are aged 18 or over who care for another adult (Am I a carer?)
  • if you provide regular unpaid care for a relative or friend or you are a parent/carer of a disabled child
  • whether or not the person  you care for is getting support from us
  • with or without the permission from the person you care for

Information about young carers

What happens during an assessment?

We will have a conversation with you to help us to understand what matters to you and the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your wellbeing. If you wish, your assessment can be carried out at the same time as a social care assessment of the person you care for.

You can prepare for this conversation by asking yourself the following questions:

  • what do I want to achieve?
  • if I can achieve this, what difference would it make to my life?
  • what support do I have in place already?

Your carer’s assessment may indicate that your caring role is having an impact on your wellbeing and preventing you from meeting some of your own needs. This will be discussed with you along with the options available to you, including any support identified to meet your needs, and you will receive a carer’s support plan. We will tell you about other sources of support.

The assessment will not:

  • assess the quality of the care that you provide
  • include a financial assessment
  • assess the needs of the person you care for, unless they request a care needs assessment at the same time

More information

To have a conversation around the role and support options for carers, contact:

Caring Together
Telephone: 0345 241 0954
Email: hello@caringtogether.org 

If you care for someone with mental ill health, contact:
Making Space
Telephone: 01480 211 006
Visit the Making Space Facebook page

If you care for someone who is supported by a team within Cambridgeshire County Council:
Contact that team for more information.