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Cambridgeshire County Council provides:

  • ten local authority traveller sites managed by the districts
  • research on Cambridgeshire Travellers and the UL's largest ever survey assessment of traveller need
  • a traveller education team
  • a traveller liaison officer 
  • A Gypsy Traveller Health Team that supports all areas of health and wellbeing including child and adult education

Traveller Liaison

Traveller Liaison at Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) is both responsive and strategic. Responsive work is centred around the management of unauthorised encampments on county land, which includes:

  • rights of way (footpaths, byways, bridleways etc)
  • highways in the different divisions (Fenland, West, East, South)
  • county farms and other county land used by the community (such as Youth Services or Park & Ride car parks)

The Traveller Liaison Officer (TLO) responsibilities include:

  • act on complaints or reports of Traveller encampments
  • makes initial contact with travelling groups
  • assesses the nature of the group (and where appropriate their health and welfare needs)
  • liaises with landowners and external agencies
  • organises proportionate legal action or support as required

Need more information?

If you need further information or advice about unlawful Traveller encampments, please contact our Enforcement Officer George Hay on 01223 715616

If you need further information or advice about Gypsy Traveller Health, Education or Wellbeing please contact the team at

Traveller organisations

Traveller sites

There are several of local authority traveller sites in Cambridgeshire:

There are limited places at the sites and each site has its own waiting list (which is often long). To find out more information about pitches and how the sites are run, contact the corresponding district councils.

These traveller sites are provided by Cambridgeshire County Council but are managed by each of the district councils (although Huntingdon's traveller site is managed by Luminus Group).