Fees and charges

The Council's fees and charges policy is included within its Medium Term Financial Strategy and sets out is approach to reviewing fees and charges.

Fees & Charges Policy 2019658KBpdf
Size: 658KBFile format: pdf

The schedules below set out current standard fees and charges levied to the public for the Council's service areas.

Corporate & Customer Services Fees and Charges 2020-21 (V1)7KBpdf
Size: 7KBFile format: pdf
People and Communities Fees and Charges 2021-22 (V0.11)134KBexcel
Size: 134KBFile format: excel
Place and Economy Statutory Fees and Charges 2021-2295KBexcel
Size: 95KBFile format: excel
Place and Economy Non-Statutory Fees and Charges 2021-22 (V0.6)1.55MBexcel
Size: 1.55MBFile format: excel

The schedules exclude:

  • service user contributions where these are linked to their ability to pay
  • individually negotiated fees and charges
  • formal individually agreed leases
  • fees and charges that are not standard across the county

A minimum threshold for the amount generated by an individual charge of £100k has been used to determine what fees and charges are included in the above schedules. We are working towards lowering this threshold and providing details of more fees and charges. For Place and Economy Services, we already list all fees and charges.