Business Plan 2022 to 2023

Our business plan is refreshed every year and formally approved by Full Council each February.

The 2022/2023 Business Plan provides a summary of our:

  • Long term vision for Cambridgeshire
  • Priorities for 2022/23
  • Planned activities across the organisation for the next five years

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A summary of where the council's budget comes from and where the council's budget is spent is published on our council tax bands page.

Our vision for Cambridgeshire

Our councillors and staff across Cambridgeshire are committed to creating a greener, fairer and more caring Cambridgeshire. To achieve our vision, we have five corporate priorities as our key areas of focus:

  1. Environment and sustainability
  2. Health and care
  3. Places and communities
  4. Children and young people
  5. Transport

Further information about each of these priorities can be found in our Strategic Framework which makes up Section 1 of the Business Plan.

You can view this along with the approved documents which make up the plan in the section below.

Business Plan Section 1 - Strategic Framework - 2022-23 - Updated445KBpdf
Size: 445KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 1a - Performance Framework - 2022-23288KBpdf
Size: 288KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 2 - Medium Term Financial Strategy - 2022-23898KBpdf
Size: 898KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 3 - Finance Tables All Combined - 2023-231.5MBpdf
Size: 1.5MBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 4 - Business Cases - 2022-233.19MBpdf
Size: 3.19MBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 5 - Business Plan Consultation Report983KBpdf
Size: 983KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 5a Summary of Online Survey findings380KBpdf
Size: 380KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 6 - Capital Strategy - 2022-23878KBpdf
Size: 878KBFile format: pdf
Business Plan Section 7 - Treasury Management Strategy - 2022-23421KBpdf
Size: 421KBFile format: pdf