The Council’s Business Plan is refreshed every year and formally approved by Full Council each February.

The current Business Plan (which covers the 5 year period April 2017 to March 2022) was approved at Council on 14 February 2017.

Spending on your services 2018/19 – have your say 

Cambridgeshire County Council is seeking your views to help Members plan the budget for 2018/19, as well as understanding from you more about the quality of life in the County

Why are we asking for your views?

We want to know from you more about how the County Council can come together with communities to support people to live healthy, independent lives.

We’d also like to hear what you think about the ideas Members are discussing right now.  About investment in early help and prevention and transforming some services, or your views on increases in charging, greater enforcement activity or sharing more of what we do with partners

As the fastest growing county in the UK demand for council services is growing and we are having to continually adapt what we do. 

More people need improved roads and public transport services, new schools (or increased places in them), opportunities for lifelong learning; increasing amounts of waste needs to be dealt with, more need to register births or deaths or get married; more children need help to stay safe or live fulfilling lives, and as people age they need support to remain independent and have the support they need.

As a Council we continually look to transform what we do and be innovative to meet this growing demand.  We also want to support places in most need and improve people’s lives; making sure people get the services they need as close to home as possible.

What we do know is that Cambridgeshire doesn’t currently get a fair funding deal from Government – and this is the message we are giving the county’s MPs so they can take our concerns to Government through our FairDeal4 Cambridgeshire Campaign.

Public consultation

During November 1100 residents across the county were asked to participate in a ten minute survey by an independent market research agency.    Their views helped to give Members the views of a balanced ‘snapshot’ of the county’s population.

We also organised some discussion groups and talked to people at November's Parish Council Conference.

Residents were invited to talk part in an online survey  that closed on December 15th 20017.  Many thanks to those who took part.

Results were presented to Cambridgeshire County Council’s elected Members at the Council’s General Purposes Committee on December 19th 2017 and are due to be discussed again at Full Council on February 9th 2018.


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