Organising home care

Choosing home care

Home care is a chargeable service. In some circumstances we may make a contribution towards the costs of your care.

You can choose your own support if:

  • you will be paying for your own home care (also known as self-funding)
  • you are receiving financial support from us and manage your budget through direct payment

If you will be paying for the full cost of your care (sometimes known as a self-funder) and ask us to arrange your home and community care for you, we will charge an annual, recurring arrangement fee of £400 to organise this on your behalf.

More information about paying for care.

To help you make informed choices, these websites and checklists can help you choose a provider:

Contact us

If you have any concerns about your care service, please contact your Key Worker.

If you do not have contact details for a Key Worker, you can contact adult services using the online form or telephone number below.

Telephone: 0345 045 5202

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