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Help with meals for adults and older people

There are tools, equipment and organisations which can make meal times easier. You can get groceries delivered directly to your house, or use a meal delivery service (often known as meals on wheels).

There is equipment which can help with food preparation, making it easier to grip or prepare food with one hand. Daily living aids which can make eating and drinking easier.

You might want to find lunch clubs where you can meet other people, or find someone who can help you with food and meal times.

Preparing meals

If you need help with opening containers, using utensils or food preparation, there is a range of equipment which can help. This includes:

  • easy-grip utensils such as vegetable peelers, knives and choppers
  • boards which enable one-handed food preparation
  • drink preparation equipment such as kettle tipping aids
  • jar, bottle and packet opening aids

Eating and drinking

There are daily living aids which can help to make eating and drinking easier. These include:

  • non-spill, handled beakers
  • plate surrounds, to help keep food on the plate
  • easy-grip cutlery
  • keep-warm plates, bowls and mugs
  • hydration reminders

You can buy these from various places - some are available at high street kitchenware stores. Specialist retailers, including Safe and Well below, have a wider range, and allow you to order online or over the phone. You can also buy many items from large internet retailers.

Safe and Well

The Safe and Well website has information on products which can help you to live independently. There are 2,500 products which you can buy online, by mail order or over the phone.

Find out more about equipment and devices which can help you to remain safe, well and independent

Food delivery


All of the big supermarkets offer online delivery. Some also offer a telephone delivery service for those who are unable to shop online. Please contact your local supermarkets direct to find out if they offer this service. 

Fresh or frozen ready meals

Specialised frozen food delivery services such as Oakhouse Foods and Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver across the country. They can cater for special diets and take orders by telephone.

Hot meal delivery

Also known as 'meals on wheels', there are providers that will deliver a hot meal to you. 

See hot meals providers in the Cambridgeshire Online Directory.

Friends and family may also be able to recommend a local provider.

Local pubs, cafes and restaurants may also deliver hot food to you on request.

Lunch clubs

These bring groups of people together - often older people - to socialise and enjoy a nutritious meal.

Employing someone to prepare lunch for you

You may be able to use a home care organisation to employ someone to help you with meal times. You can find more information about organising home care and a list of care agencies in the Guide to Independent Living from Care Choices .

Food banks

Food banks provide emergency food supplies for people in crisis. The Trussell Trust runs a network of over 400 foodbanks including many in Cambridgeshire. You may need a foodbank voucher - contact the foodbank for more information.

Find a foodbank near you.

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