Northstowe primary and secondary schools

Northstowe primary and secondary schools

The first primary school in Northstowe, called Pathfinder Primary School, has opened.

The secondary school, planned to open in September 2019, will be run by Cambridge Meridian Education Trust (CMET) and will open initially for 600 pupils in its first phase and be extended in subsequent phases to 1,200 and finally 1,800 pupils.

A 400 place post-16 facility will be co-located with the secondary school and will open in a later phase of the Northstowe development. Together with the second primary school (630 places) and an Area Special School (for which Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT) is the sponsor), these schools will form an education campus in Phase 2 of the development.


Rob Lewis
Education Officer
Telephone: 01223 699 789