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Northstowe primary and secondary schools

The first primary school in Northstowe, Pathfinder CE Primary School is managed by the Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust Board of Education. The school has 630 primary places, offers 60 pre-school places and an out-of-school club.

The first secondary school, Northstowe Secondary College, is run by the Meridian Trust. The school opened for 600 pupils aged 11-16 in its first phase and will be extended in phase two to 1,200 places from September 2024 and finally to 1,800 pupils.

From September 2024, Northstowe Secondary College will extend its age range with facilities to offer up to 78 early years places, 630 primary places and 400 sixth form places. 

A new facility will be provided on the Northstowe Education Campus with facilities to offer up to 78 early years places. It will be commissioned through the Council’s Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System (PDPS). A recent survey of local residents indicated a strong preference for full day care provision.

The setting will offer the full range of funded entitlements, including both the universal (15 hours) and extended entitlement (30 hours) and funded place for 9 months to 2 year olds who meet the government's eligibility criteria. It is likely to begin in one room in Autumn 2024 before all three rooms become available from January 2025.

The current plan is to open the primary phase of Northstowe Secondary College with one class in Reception (Age 4+). This will help to minimise the effect on surrounding schools and ensure that there is sufficient capacity for residents on the new development. The Council will work in collaboration with the Trust to monitor growth in its first few years so that this can be adjusted accordingly.

The Martin Bacon Academy also run by the Meridian Trust provides 120 places for children aged 3-19 with SEND.

Further schools will be built as the housing development progresses. Forecasts currently suggest a total of six primary schools and one secondary school will be required to serve the development but this will be kept under review.


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