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Active Travel in Cambridgeshire

Get active by cycling and walking

Small changes to your routine can benefit your physical and mental health, save money and help the environment.

Start with switching just one journey a week to a more active mode of travel. It is a good way to build fitness, confidence and encourage healthier travel habits.

Whether that be the school run, to post a letter, visit a local friend or to a local shop. Shorter journeys are a good opportunity to choose to walk or cycle.

Let's Get Moving Video Competition for summer 2024

As the summer holidays approach there are opportunities to get out and enjoy being active. We would like to challenge you to share your walking, wheeling and cycling adventures with others.

We are launching a competition for young people. The aim is to create a short video about the joys of exploring your local area under your own power.

Download the form to find out more

Closing date for entries is Monday 9 September

How we are supporting active travel in Cambridgeshire