Planning enforcement and monitoring

The monitoring and enforcement role of Cambridgeshire County Council relates specifically to 'county matters' and is to do with the control of mineral and waste sites. The council is also the planning authority for the County Council's own development, such as new schools and transportation schemes, under Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992.


Enforcement action may be required where development has taken place without the benefit of planning permission or a condition imposed on a planning permission has not been implemented or whose implementation is incomplete.

The objectives of enforcement action are to bring the unauthorised activity under control and to remedy the undesirable effects of unauthorised development.

Where breaches of planning control are identified the council has a discretionary power to take enforcement action when it is satisfied that this course of action is in the public interest.

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Reporting breaches of planning control

If you consider that a breach of planning control is occurring at a mineral or a waste site, or a minerals or waste activity is occurring at an unauthorised site, you can report a breach using the online form below.

This will allow the council to investigate and seek to deal with the problem without delay. Any complaints received will be logged and investigated accordingly and the complainant will receive a response explaining what, if any, action has or will be taken.

Cambridgeshire County Council has prepared a Enforcement Plan which sets out how the council will go about achieving planning compliance at mineral extraction and processing and waste management sites.

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Consultation on revised enforcement plan

A consultation on revisions to the existing plan will run from 26 February until 8 April 2020.

Draft Enforcement Plan 2020
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If you have any comments on the draft enforcement plan, please email them to: .

Alternatively you can write to:

Cambridgeshire County Council
County Development, Minerals and Waste Planning
Box No. CC1213
Shire Hall
Castle Hill

A summary of all the responses that are received by the close of the consultation period on 8 April 2020 will be placed on our website. This will include names of organisations which respond but not personal names, addresses or contact details.

All responses to the consultation will be considered. These will inform any changes to the plan before the amended plan is presented to the Planning Committee for consideration and approval prior to implementation. There will be a link to the final document at the end of the consultation process.