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Transport Modelling Service

Ambitious growth plans for the Cambridge sub-region and the wider area, mean there is an increasing demand for accurate evaluation of the impact of proposed developments on the transport network.

To help developers and other organisations predict these impacts, Cambridgeshire County Council is making its sophisticated computer modelling systems available as part of a new transport planning service.

Based on reliable and accepted information, the council’s models are tested and updated and can provide significant savings in time and costs over sourcing similarly robust and relevant data elsewhere.

How to gain access to the CCC transport models?

Developers and developer agents interested in finding out more should contact the Transport Modelling team at

Consultancy fees are chargeable for setting up, conducting and reporting on the model runs and for providing additional technical and management advice. Call or email us to find out more.


Use of CCC transport modelling for planning applications

All transport assessments of proposed developments will be judged on the impact, mitigation measures and validity of the results, irrespective of the forecasting models used. Use of the CCC models will not guarantee or imply a favourable planning decision.