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Types of planning applications

Development management

Development control management provides a range of services to everyone involved in the planning process.

The council makes decisions on applications for the following types of development:

  • mineral extraction and mineral processing
  • waste disposal and recycling
  • Council services e.g. schools, libraries, roads and transport infrastructure

Mineral planning

Mineral development consists of sand, gravel, clay and chalk extraction and the restoration of mineral land to a beneficial after use. It also includes the machinery and plant that is needed to remove and process the extracted mineral and treat any residues.

It also includes the importation of aggregates by rail to railheads together with associated 'added value' activities, such as concrete, concrete products, coated stone/asphalt plants.

Waste planning

Waste development consists of facilities for waste disposal, treatment and recycling, such as landfill sites, recycling centres, incinerators and other thermal treatment of waste, composting sites, waste transfer stations and scrap yards.

Planning for council buildings

Where planning permission is needed for council buildings, the service department makes an application to the planning department.