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Could you make a difference in your local community?

CMEs are helping us to create more care options and to enhance personalised care to better suit the needs of the individual.

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We are working across each district to develop and champion CMEs that can support a person with personal care, holistic homecare services, respite care or a blend of care combinations. Working in a place-based (local) way develops strong, well trained, inclusive enterprises. This means the individual can be assured that these small companies are friendly, professional, local, flexible, reliable and cost efficient.

  • You may already be delivering care and support services and want to join our network.
  • You may already be delivering a service such as cleaning or gardening and would like to offer support in our initiative.
  • You may not work in these fields but would love the opportunity to start something new doing something truly rewarding and worthwhile.

No matter your background, you could make a difference.

Why are we called Care Micro-Enterprises and not Community Micro-Enterprises?

Both work in the community, however being part of the Care Micro-Enterprise network ensures that you are competent in the aspect of care. For example - a gardener may cut someone’s lawn. A Care Micro-Enterprise may cut their lawn, have a chat or a cup of tea with the person and provide that all round wellbeing check that would make someone feel safe and secure.

A success story shared by Paxigate Healthcare Service Ltd

"We provide live in care to a couple in the comfort of their own home. Due to decline in their health they are unable to go out shopping, go for walks, go out for meals and visiting families and friends.

This had a negative impact  on their mental health.

When we started supporting them we take them out for walks, meals, sit with them in the garden which they could not do fearing that they might fall and playing games.

This has made a huge difference in their lives and they really appreciate what we are doing for them.

It is quite rewarding to see the difference we are making."

How the CME development team can support you

  • Support to set up and run your own business
  • Help with free or low-cost business and care training
  • Key contacts and referral pathways from the care providers
  • Networking opportunities and ongoing support
  • Information and advice
  • Guidance on developing a portfolio

We have been researching Community Groups and are in constant contact with our Local Authority and Health Colleagues. We can inform you, as a potential CME, where the gaps are so that you can develop bespoke packages of care (incorporating your own unique selling points). This way, you can ensure your services will be in demand.

Let us help you help others by becoming part of Cambridgeshire’s CME community.

Working together to create the best care journey.

Hello from the team

Natalia Bedzieszak

Care Micro-Enterprise Development Officer

Fenland District

Natalia Bedzieszak

Ann Pinkney

Care Micro-Enterprise Development Officer

Huntingdonshire and East District

Ann Pinkney

James Bielak

Care Micro-Enterprise Development Officer

South Cambridgeshire and City District

James Bielak

Cambridgeshire Academy for Reaching Excellence

Cambridgeshire County Council has partnered with the Care Professional Academy to bring the benefits and advantages that the Academy offers, free of charge, to all care staff across the county.

There are two main elements that may interest you as CME, PA or DPH.

Care Professional Academy logo
  1. Training - the training zone offers essential learning and development for the care sector across the county. We have developed an innovative programme aimed at supporting staff new to the Health and Social Care sector as well as supporting those in senior positions that are assessing the Care Certificate. Select our training zone at the top of the page.
  2. Rewards and Discounts - Access to exclusive rewards, benefits and discounts. Available to all staff working across Adult Social Care, who work or live in Cambridgeshire. Once you have joined the Care Professional Academy, you will be an Affiliate. Then you will have access to a vast platform of discounts as you move up the Academy tiers. We have links with over 800 UK retailers including Sainsbury’s, Asda, Argos, Boots, M&S, B&M, Tesco, John Lewis, Waitrose, restaurants, cinema, theatre, holidays and much more. You will have your certificates all in one place and your own training passport to support your progress.

Contact us for more information